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PMD: War of the Legends

The land was once filled with adventure and dreams. Now, it is about to succumb to bloodshed and death. Much has changed since the Time Gears were returned and Darkrai stopped. The legendaries have become more ornery with one another and finally, they have snapped and an all-out war has begun. But they don't just fight among themselves; they recruit their champions to fight for them on the mortal grounds. In the chaos of this backdrop, a vulpix with an unknown past is found washed ashore by a shinx grieving for a lost father. When the paths of these two meet, they will bring about an explosive end to the war-- and possibly, to themselves as well. *Updates on Sundays and occasionally Wed/Thurs if I have time to make another page :P Rated T for violence and gore. Not a humorous comic, except for those moments when characters clash. Of course. *Also, let me know if you want to affiliate! This offer is welcome to any other Pokémon comic, but PMD is preferred.


Sorry guys, day late update.

Title says it all, really. The page is set to post tonight at midnight rather than about 44 minutes ago xD

posted by pfenix @ Jul 02 2016 12:44 am  -  0 comments

Delayed update!

tl;dr I've started college, I have no time, and I will be getting time later. Page coming around Wednesday!

posted by pfenix @ Sep 27 2015 11:29 am  -  0 comments

Guess who's back?

It's been almost a year, geezus.

So well, hi. Pfenix here. It's been a while.

So I'm sure you're going to ask, 'Why did you choose to come back?' The answer is that I'm not really sure, but I feel horrible for letting this project go to waste.

However, I have become more than a little bit obsessed with animations on YouTube at the moment and all of that is really fun to me, so I've been devoting most of my time to said animations.

When all of that is set and done, I will be revamping and rewriting this story. Again.

The reason behind this stems back to why I didn't update for ages. The story became less what I wanted it to be and more what I felt it had to be. Which isn't very fun to me at all. To facilitate the rewrite, I'm going to be making a new comic, with some different characters and a completely different plot. However, it will still be under this URL for reasons of 'The title still fits.'

So yeah. My updates. Will be back ASAP. Thanks.

posted by pfenix @ Aug 28 2015 04:28 pm  -  1 comments






I haven't been able to draw at all for the past two weeks except maybe sketch out the next page...

I really don't want to do this so early in the process either. And my quick linearting isn't turning out as good as I want it to so I'm PROBABLY GOING TO REDO IT TO SATISFY MYSELF!

Sorry about this, guys.

Now, back to my Merit Scholarship essay...

posted by pfenix @ Oct 05 2014 11:19 am  -  1 comments

It's been a while...

Hello, everybody! Pfenix here.

So it's been a long time since the last update. And there is one key reason why:

I have completely lost track of this story's plot.

I was trying to draw the next chapter when I realized that I didn't know where the story was even going. I had no idea where to start, how to do it, where to go, etc.

Therefore, I have decided to rewrite the plotline completely, stick to it, and release it soon with updated pages.

This will most likely be on a new webcomic under the same name. It will be a new beginning for Teivan and Reijin.

All of the current characters, including cameos, will probably still be used. If you don't want your character in here anymore, please let me know so I don't have to go replace it later anyhow.

Thanks for bearing with me!

posted by pfenix @ Aug 14 2014 03:15 pm  -  0 comments

what when how hi.

It's April and there hasn't been an update?! Pfenix, what are you doing with your life that has to be so goddamn important?

First off, sorry for the uncalled for hiatus /*again*. Marches are always the worst months for me to be alive, what with orchestra concerts, festivals, rehearsals, outside-of-school instrumental ensembles, school tests (got my first F this year :P), more serious art, and way too many group projects. I seriously pulled an all-nighter working on a documentary now, too. School is murdering me.

I am a junior now, so next year will be just as horrible with these updates. I apologize.

Another reason why this is taking so long is that it will be somewhat animated! I am rather interested in simple animations, so this one will be a gif that reveals more of what is going to happen. Much foreshadowing and backstory will be revealed. However, with my limited time, I haven't had any free time to work on this. The basic linearting is done, but the coloring and actual animation is still needed. I will post as soon as possible.

Anyhow, time to go back to dying of stress studying for APs and the ACT this weekend.

See you guys soon. I hope.

Sidenote, when did I get 50 of you guys stalking me following this comic? I feel rather relieved that this story is garnering so much attention now :3 I feel loved~~

I may or may not have made about 20 typos in the making of this message that had to be edited. This is why I shouldn't internet at 12 in the morning right before I need to go to sleep for a morning AP review session tomorrow. killmenow

posted by pfenix @ Apr 08 2014 02:05 am  -  3 comments


I hate school.

The next update will probably be out by next week! Sorry about my life getting overly hectic again guys, I love you all :)

posted by pfenix @ Feb 28 2014 04:17 am  -  2 comments


So, um, hey :)

I'm really sorry about the awkward semi-cliffhanger that you've been left with. I have the next 5 pages or so sketched up, but I need to lineart and color them.

And therein lies my problem.

I'm a junior in the American high school system. We have the choice to take "Advanced Placement" classes to get into better colleges and the such, and being the overachieving stupid person I am, I am currently enrolled in Calculus AB, Biology, and European History, pretty much 3 powerhouses of the tests. AKA this requires much studying.

I have finished my first SAT as well, but there are also SAT subjects and the ACT to worry about.

All in all, I'm probably going to be really bad at updating. I miiiiight have an update this weekend, but if I have a 30-day hiatus like this with no warning, I apologize in advance.

And on a somewhat related note, send in teams that could become major-minor characters in the comic :DDDDDD


posted by pfenix @ Oct 18 2013 01:42 am  -  3 comments

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